This is the FAQ page for MELTY BLOOD: TYPE LUMINA.

The FAQ consists of questions we have received from customers. If the FAQ does not resolve your issue, please get in touch from the Contact link at the bottom of the page.

FAQ (General info)

[All Platforms] Does the content vary by platform?

Some elements may vary depending on the device and controller specifications and settings, but the core game content is the same.
Server and network specifications that are different on some devices may also produce differences such as a lack of antenna icons representing connection speed in "NETWORK" Mode.

[All Platforms] What modes does the game have?

A one-player mode where you control the character of your choice.
Play through a unique story for each character, or take on challenges like Score Attacks.

This mode offers single bouts with other players or against the CPU, as well as battle replays.
Each player may choose any character or stage they like.

A mode for single bouts against other players over a network.
*Requires an internet connection and registered account allowing for online play on the platform you use.

A mode for mastering character controls.
Gain a deeper understanding of game systems and work to improve your skills through free training, tutorials, and missions.

There is also a "GALLERY" Mode unlocked by meeting set conditions, where players can collect character profiles, pixel art, and audio clips.

[All Platforms] What do I need to play in "NETWORK" Mode?

Please note that an internet connection and an online account for the platform you'll be playing on will be required to play in "NETWORK" mode.

[All Platforms] Are cross-platform battles supported?

Cross-platform battles are not supported.

[All Platforms] Can you tell me more about update details?

We post update information on our official website and X(Twitter).

MELTY BLOOD:TYPE LUMINA Official Website: https://meltyblood.typelumina.com/en/
MELTY BLOOD:TYPE LUMINA Official X(Twitter): https://twitter.com/MB_LUMINA

[Switch] Is it playable on Nintendo Switch™ Lite?

The game is playable on Nintendo Switch™ in portable mode, or on Nintendo Switch™ Lite.

[Steam] Is Remote Play Together supported?

Remote Play Together is not supported.

[Steam] Is Steam Cloud supported?

Only some data is supported and used in "NETWORK" mode, such as the Steam Cloud profile card data.
Saving of other data is not supported.

[Steam] What are the system requirements?

The minimum system requirements are shown below.
Please also note that even when the minimum system requirements are met, the game may not operate differently depending on individual settings.

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5, 3.2 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 / Radeon HD 7970
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 12 GB available space
Display Resolution: 1280x720 and above recommended.

FAQ (In-game)

[All Platforms] What buttons are the weak/medium/strong attacks assigned to?

The starting configuration for weak/medium/strong attacks and Shield are shown below.
[PlayStation®4] Weak: ◻, Medium: △, Strong: ◯, Shield: ×
[Nintendo Switch™] Weak: Y, Medium: X, Strong: A, Shield: B
[Xbox One] Weak: X, Medium: Y, Strong: B, Shield: A
[Steam] Weak: U, Medium: I, Strong: O, Shield: J (when using keyboard)
*Steam also supports a variety of controllers.

[All Platforms] Can I change button configuration?

Please follow the steps below to change the button configuration if you wish to do so.


*For the Steam version, "KEYBOARD SETTING (BATTLE)" and "KEYBOARD SETTING (MENU)" are also available in addition to the controller "BUTTON SETTING".

[All Platforms] How can I learn the game’s controls?

To learn the game’s controls, first check out the system from the TUTORIAL, found under TRAINING.
This game offers a "Rapid Beat" option that generates combos when you mash the attack buttons, which allows even new players to execute powerful moves and experience thrilling battles.

Once you learn the basic controls, try playing STORY under SINGLE PLAY. In this mode you will defeat foes while advancing through the story, fighting your way to the ending.
The difficulty of STORY is equal to the CPU opponents' difficulty level, so we recommend trying EASY or NORMAL to start with, especially if you still need to build confidence.

Once you get used to the controls, next try playing a Specials Challenge or Combo Mission found under MISSION.
Instructions are available if you find the controls challenging, so try looking over them, then reducing the Battle Speed and learning the moves.

Once you’re familiar with Specials and combos, try further mastering them in FREE TRAINING.
Try to learn effective ways of countering specific situations and conditions with tricks like making changes to CPU settings, or recording and reviewing your attempts with enemy dummies.

[All Platforms] Can I see a move list for each character?

You can view move lists for each character from the menu during battles, or from the pause menu in the "TUTORIAL".
*Not viewable during "NETWORK" versus battles.

During battle: Menu > Command List

[All Platforms] Can I change the game language?

Please follow the steps below to change the game language if you wish to do so.


The options available are shown below.
Japanese, English, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese

[All Platforms] Can I change the character voice language?

Character voices are in Japanese only. Other languages are not supported.

[All Platforms] What is CP?

CP are in-game points you get from playing.
You can use CP to get icons and plates for characters in "CUSTOMIZE", or to get Design Pixel Art in the "GALLERY".

[All Platforms] Can I change the round announcements voice in downloadable content?

You can change the round announcements voice in downloadable content from "SOUND SETTINGS".

MAIN MENU > SOUND SETTINGS > Round Announcements

[All Platforms] Why does it keep showing the same dialogue when I launch the game?

You may be holding a button that is not the confirm button.
The initial confirm button configuration for each device is shown below.

> 〇
-*Please press × if you have configured the PlayStation®4 confirm button to ×.
-*The confirm button is × in the PlayStation®5 initial configuration.

-Nintendo Switch™
> A

-Xbox One
> A

> J on keyboard

*Please press the corresponding button for that device if using a joystick.

[All Platforms] Can I use a joystick?

Joysticks verified for the game are shown below.

Real Arcade Pro V4 Hayabusa
Real Arcade Pro. V Hayabusa
Real Arcade Pro.V HAYABUSA (with headset) for PlayStation®4
Fighting Edge Blade for PlayStation®4 / PC
Fighting Stick Mini mini for PlayStation®4
The King of Fighters XIV Fighting Stick for PlayStation 4
STREET FIGHTER IV Round 2 Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition for PlayStation 3 (MC3-FS-SF4TE-R2)
Street Fighter V Arcade FightStick TE2+ for PlayStation4 and PlayStation3
GameSir C2 Arcade
Obsidian Arcade Joystick
Drone Arcade Joystick

*Joysticks are included in what is known as "legacy controllers", which are commonly supported but may not be supported in all cases.
Your understanding is appreciated.

[PS4] Why does the game display smaller than my monitor?

The display size can be adjusted to match your monitor under PlayStation®4 settings for display area.

PlayStation®4 Settings > Sound and Screen > Display Area Settings

[Steam] Why doesn’t my joystick respond?

Please try configuring the Steam controller through controller detection with the following steps.

1. Connect your computer to the joystick you are using
2. Open Steam > Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings
3. Check by type of controller detected
4. Place a check in the box for controller settings support of the detected controller

If the controller will not connect even after completing the above steps, please contact us via email from Contact, listing the details below. We apologize for the inconvenience.

-Model number of controller used
-Controller detected via Steam Controller setting (PlayStation® Configuration Support, etc.)

[All Platforms] Can I turn Rapid Beat off?

You can turn it off, turn it off only when in the air or switch to be used with simultaneous A+B button presses. (Only the Tutorial and Missions locked in the original mode.)

[All Platforms] Why isn’t new artwork added to the "GALLERY" even when I meet the conditions for it?

Please receive the reward for that character under "ACHIEVEMENT", then check "GALLERY" again to see if the artwork was added.
If the present box in "ACHIEVEMENT" does not have a mark and the check boxes for items in it are glowing, then you have already received the rewards.

SINGLE PLAY (applicable character) > ACHIEVEMENTS > Receive applicable reward > Check GALLERY

[All Platforms] How do I edit icons, plates, and titles?

You can spend CP to edit icons, plates, and titles under "CUSTOMIZE". These can all be edited after unlocking them with achievements.


Items that can be changed are shown below.
You can purchase and set icon images.

You can purchase and set plates.

You can purchase and set titles.
FREE WORD: You can create titles from combinations of purchased words.
TITLE PLATE: You can set title plates.
SPECIAL: You can set special titles that cannot be combined.

[All Platforms] How do I change character colors?

You can change character colors under "CUSTOMIZE".


Select the character, then select the parts to change, and adjust their color.
You can save up to three custom colorations.

You can use the colors you have changed by selecting "Customize Color" on the Character Select screen.

[All Platforms] Can I save the soundtracks from the MELTY BLOOD ARCHIVES to external storage?

The MELTY BLOOD Guide Book and MELTY BLOOD SOUND COLLECTION included in the Digital Deluxe Edition MELTY BLOOD ARCHIVES set contents 02 (digital book and music player) are only accessible on the device where the software is installed.

[PS4] Is play between PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 possible via NETWORK?

Versus play via "NETWORK" is possible between PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5, because the two consoles are part of the same platform.

[Steam] Why is my game running slowly?

The game may run slowly if there are other applications running at the same time.
Please try closing other applications and seeing if performance improves.
If your computer has functions like a Game Mode or Game Boost Mode that increase gaming performance, enabling those functions may also improve performance.
(Please check with the manufacturer of your computer for details on enabling and configuring these functions.)

Background applications like anti-virus software may also slow down game performance.
Closing anti-virus software or changing its settings, or closing other background applications may help to identify the cause of the issue, but closing anti-virus software may leave your computer undefended against threats.

Please only close or change settings in your anti-virus software at your own discretion.

[Steam] How do I launch the MELTY BLOOD ARCHIVES?

After downloading, follow the steps below to access the MELTY BLOOD ARCHIVES.

1. Open your Library on Steam
2. Open the MELTY BLOOD: TYPE LUMINA page in your library
3. Press the green Play button
4. Select MELTY BLOOD ARCHIVES from the dialogue that displays, then press Play

[NETWORK] [All Platforms] What is a PLAYER MATCH?

"PLAYER MATCH" lets you search for rooms with special conditions and battle other players online.

In addition, if you set the maximum size of the room to two people when creating it, you can also set the maximum number of rematches to unlimited.

[NETWORK] [All Platforms] Can I watch other people’s battles?

You can watch replays uploaded to the REPLAY BOARD via NETWORK.
You can sort by rank or character to find the replays you want to view.

If you want to re-watch a replay several times, you can also save and view it from REPLAY under VERSUS.

[NETWORK] [All Platforms] How do I save and upload replays on the REPLAY BOARD?

As of Ver 1.10, you are able to automatically save replay data by selecting "autosave" and setting it to "on" in the "REPLAY SETTINGS" under "OPTIONS".
Replay data can be saved in the following modes:

・Versus Mode
・Rank Match
・Player Match
・View Player Match

Go to OPTIONS > REPLAY SETTINGS and set the modes you wish to autosave replay data in to "on".

You are also able to upload replay data to the "REPLAY BOARD" after a "NETWORK" Rank Match has been completed.
You are unable to upload replay data created from "PLAYER MATCH" or "VERSUS" battles to the "REPLAY BOARD".
Your understanding is appreciated.

[NETWORK] [All Platforms] Why does the message "Unable to view this replay with your current version." appear when I try to watch replays?

If the message "Unable to view this replay with your current version." appears when playing battle data from the "REPLAY BOARD", it is likely that the data you are trying to watch is from an older version of the game.
Please check the date of the latest game update. You are only able to watch replay data uploaded on or after this date.

[NETWORK] [All Platforms] Why isn't my connection stable?

If you have an unstable connection during online matches, please check your internet settings via the internet connection diagnostics for your platform.


Nintendo Switch™

Xbox One

Please check the ports required for Steam connection if using the Steam version.

*If you do not know what settings to configure to unlock ports, please contact the manufacturer of your router, etc.

[NETWORK] [All Platforms] Why is my game unstable during online battles?

If you are experiencing unstable operation during an online match, please try adjusting the Input Lag in the GAME SETTINGS under OPTIONS or on the NETWORK room screen.
Guidelines for linear distance and the lag:
~1000km [0] [1]
~3000km [1] [2]
~4000km [2] [3]
more distance [4]

[Network] [All Platforms] Why do I have lag, rewinding, and connection issues in RANKED MATCH or PLAYER MATCH?

Issues with connections, lag, and rewinding during "RANKED MATCH" or "PLAYER MATCH" games may be caused by your connection or device, the other player’s connection, or connection compatibility. Please try the following and see if the situation improves.

*Some instructions may not be possible or applicable depending on your connection or device.
For more details, please check with your internet service provider and device manufacturer.
*Various factors may cause errors depending on your connection and configuration, and we are not able to guarantee resolutions.
Your understanding is appreciated.

*When synchronizing rollback at the start of the battle, synchronization may break in rare cases when you skip past the character face-offs (intros).
If this is not resolved via configuration changes, this issue can often be avoided by waiting 1-2 seconds before skipping intros.

■Changes to In-Game Settings
Issues may be resolved with changes to in-game settings by the player in some cases.

1. Adjust search conditions for opponents
Area setting: Same area
*Searches for opponents in the same country/region if Same area is selected.

Connection speed setting: 4 only
*Searches for opponents with at least the speed value set.

2. Change input lag
OPTION > GAME SETTINGS > Input Lag (Network Mode) > 4
*Sets input lag delay for Network mode. Smaller values make screen rewinding more likely.

■Check Settings Outside the Game
1. Restart internet devices

Restart your internet devices (modem or ONU, CTU, router, etc.), wait a few moments, and then try playing again.
*Please allow some time after turning the power off and then on again when restarting.
Please consult with the respective device manufacturers if methods of restarting devices are unclear.

2. Reduce the number of devices using your internet connection

If you have other devices (PCs, smartphones, or other connected systems) on the same internet connection, temporarily disconnect them and try playing with only the game on your internet connection.
Using multiple devices on the same internet connection at once may result in unreliable connections.

3. Switch from a wireless to a wired connection

Connections are more prone to instability over wireless LAN, and may be stabilized by switching to priority LAN.

4. Review security settings

Security settings may restrict connections in some cases.
Issues improve in some cases when turning off packet filtering or other security settings on your router or provider side.

Furthermore, issues may improve in some cases when adding MELTY BLOOD: TYPE LUMINA to the anti-virus software exceptions list if this option is available.

*If the appropriate settings are unclear, please check with the manufacturer or provider of your device or connection.

5. Review NAT type and unlock required ports

The internet connection you use may not be compatible with NETWORK mode.
The ports to unlock vary depending on the platform used.
*If the appropriate settings are unclear, please check with the manufacturer or provider of your device or connection.



-Nintendo Switch™






6. Check UPnP function
Issues may improve when switching the router or CTU UPnP function from ON to OFF, or from OFF to ON, if the device has this function.

*UPnP functions are intended to make connections smoother between network-connected devices.
*If the appropriate settings are unclear, please check with the manufacturer of your router or connection provider.

7. Use a minimal internet connection not through your router

Issues may improve when connecting through a minimal connection after removing your router if you connect to the internet using a router.
If the issue improves after removing your router, please consider replacing the router or changing its settings.

[NETWORK] [All Platforms] What do the numbers displayed next to the antenna icon (● ms +-● (●%)) mean?

As of Ver 1.10, the ping, jitter, and packet loss are displayed next to the antenna icon during "NETWORK" play.
Ping, jitter, and packet loss all contribute to the connection quality in "NETWORK" play.

・ping (● ms)
The amount of time it takes for communication to bounce back between you and the other person.
This can vary depending on how busy your internet service is or how far away the other person is.

・jitter (+-●)
How much the ping fluctuates.
The lower the number, the more stable the ping is.

・packet loss (●%)
How much of the data being sent/received is lost in transmission.

With the above information in mind, if your ping, jitter, or packet loss numbers are high, please try adjusting your Input Lag.

[NETWORK] [All Platforms] Can I get more linked systems for PLAYER MATCH bouts?

We only offer paired linking of systems for "PLAYER MATCH" bouts.

FAQ (Others)

[NETWORK] [PS4] Why does my screen show me in a streaming broadcast prohibited area during RANKED MATCH bouts?

This is shown when playing against an opponent online who is not using the PlayStation® Broadcast feature.
You can avoid matching with players who have set the Permit SHARE Feature setting to "Deny" by changing your Permit SHARE Feature setting to "Permit" under the "RANKED MATCH" settings.

Can I contact you directly for an issue not listed in the FAQ?
Or to report a bug?

Please contact us by email from the Contact link at the bottom of the official website.

We can confirm issues more smoothly if you include the platform you use, your connection (NAT), details of the bug, and a video of the bug occurring with your inquiry.

Please note that we cannot accept inquiries by phone. Your understanding is appreciated.


Please check the FAQ before contacting us.
Your understanding is appreciated.

*This contact address is for the MELTY BLOOD: TYPE LUMINA released for sale outside of Japan.
*We may be unable to answer some inquiries depending on the content.
*We are only able to answer inquiries in English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and Korean.
*Replies to inquiries will be sent from support email for the language the inquiry was received in (English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, or Korean).