• Select a character to use!

    More than 10 characters from "Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon-" are available to choose from.
    Select your favorite character.
    Each character has 10 color variations, so pick your favorite before going into battle!

  • Defeat your opponent with a variety of attacks!

    Each character has their own unique attacks. Make use of them to take down your opponent and claim victory.
    This new system employs powerful combination attacks known as "Rapid Beats" that can easily be performed by repeatedly pressing the attack button, allowing even players who may less familiar with fighting games to enjoy exhilarating battles.

  • Each character has their own story to enjoy.

    Enter the single-player story mode to play as your favorite characters as you fight your way through their own unique narratives, all written by the amazing Kinoko Nasu.
    Looking for something else? Try beating your fastest fight in Time Attack mode, or see how many battles you can endure before your limited health runs out in Survival mode.

See here for more on the battle system