• Select a character to use!

    More than 10 characters from "Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon-" are available to choose from.
    Select your favorite character.
    Each character has 10 color variations, so pick your favorite before going into battle!

  • Defeat your opponent with a variety of attacks!

    Each character has their own unique attacks. Make use of them to take down your opponent and claim victory.
    This new system employs powerful combination attacks known as "Rapid Beats" that can easily be performed by repeatedly pressing the attack button, allowing even players who may less familiar with fighting games to enjoy exhilarating battles.

  • Each character has their own story to enjoy.

    Enter the single-player story mode to play as your favorite characters as you fight your way through their own unique narratives, all written by the amazing Kinoko Nasu.
    Looking for something else? Try beating your fastest fight in Time Attack mode, or see how many battles you can endure before your limited health runs out in Survival mode.

  • Rapid Beat

    Press attack buttons in rapid succession to execute this simple but hard-hitting combo!

  • Shield / Shield Counter

    Use Shield to block your opponent's attack, and then press an attack button to follow up with a Shield Counter!

  • Magic Circuit

    The gauge shown at the bottom of the screen. Once filled up, it can be spent to use EX Specials, or trigger a Heat status!

  • Special / EX Special

    Specials are high-power moves. Spend Magic Circuit gauges to dish out the even more powerful EX Specials!

  • Heat / Blood Heat

    A heat status uses your Magic Circuit to gives you a boost to your abilities, recovers HP and enables you to use Arc Drive. In a Blood Heat, you'll be able to use Last Arc!

  • Arc Drive / Last Arc

    Arc Drive is an extremely powerful Special that uses 3 full gauges to perform!
    Last Arc is a super Special that dishes out incredible damage at the cost of 4 full Magic Circuit gauges, but is also usable under Blood Heat status!

  • Moon Skill

    Moon Skills are powerful Specials that can be unleashed by consuming the Moon Icons that appear next to the Life Gauge.
    They deal greater damage than regular Specials, and are not only powerful but easy to activate with simple controls using combinations of the directional buttons and attack buttons.

  • Moon Drive

    A power-up that can be activated by using all of your Moon Icons any time you have more than one half full.
    It temporarily boosts your Moon Skill, increases your Magic Circuit or number of possible Jumps/Dashes, as well as providing various other effects.


    Play with your favorite characters in this single player mode.
    Enjoy each character's story, take on score attack challenges, and more.


    Battle against other players or the CPU and view replays in this mode.
    Here you have the freedom to choose the characters, stages, and more.


    Battle other players online in this mode.

    *Please note that an internet connection and an online account for the platform you'll be playing on will be required to access this mode.


    Thoroughly practice character moves in this mode.
    Master the game mechanics and improve at playing the game through free training, tutorials, and missions.

    Head on over to "GALLERY" Mode to view character profiles and pixel art, and to listen to character voices, unlocked by meeting certain conditions in the game.